Financial Aid


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In order to submit you Free Application for Federal Student Aid click on the link blow. 

School Code: 013949


The following documents can be filled out and submitted online:

BSPN Financial Aid Entrance Survey

FERPA Release of Information Form

Financial Aid
Entrance/Exit Counseling

Sign Your 

The documents below must be printed, signed, and returned to the Financial Aid office.   They can also be uploaded directly to the CampusIvy portal after they have been completed and signed. 

Various forms of financial assistance and scholarships are available, including Stafford Loans, 
Pell Grants, and Workforce Investment Act (WIOA).

It is very important that you complete Financial Aid applications early. Financial Aid must be completed prior to acceptance into the program. 

Please retain any correspondence from Financial Aid resources. Once the applicant has received an official acceptance letter from the school, you are required to make an appointment and meet with the Financial Aid Officer. 

For Financial Aid information, contact:

Yvette Schultz
618-473-2222 ext. 102

or email Yvette at: