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Mission Statement

The mission of the Career Center of Southern Illinois Alternative Educational Program is to help the dropout and at-risk youth in the three-county area (Monroe, Randolph, and St. Clair) get a second chance at a high school education and get them back into the game of life.  

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Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for admission to the Optional Educational Program.  

Referral by school principal, counselor, probation and/or parole officer, social worker, or the regional superintendent's office.

Must be at least 16 years old during the semester of application.

Must have a reasonable chance to obtain a diploma or
GED by age 21.

Priority will be given to "member" school students and to
those students that are Juniors or Seniors.


Students can generally expect to pay between $25 to $200 per year depending upon the vocational class taken. 


The OEP program does not grant a high school diploma.
The program serves as a temporary alternative site for students. Generally students participate in the C.C.S.I. OEP program anywhere from 2-3 semesters Graduation requirements for home schools are taken into account when an "Individualized Optional Education Program" is developed. The program grants Carnegie Units of credit which are accepted at all participating schools.  



Students typically take four academic classes and a two hour vocational class. Academic classes are 55 minutes long and generates one half credit. The vocational class is two hours long and generates 1.5 credits each semester.  

More Information 

Please contact Stephanie Mohr at 618-473-2222.

What Parents Are Saying About C.C.S.I.

Karla Heine
Columbia Police Department

Parent of a C.C.S.I. 

Alternative Ed Student

“I was very hesitant to send my son to CCSI.  I was concerned about peer groups and negative influences.  My son was struggling in school and giving up hope.  He had no idea what he wanted to do in the future.  My husband and I always knew our son loved to work with his hands and had an interest in some type of trade.  We decided to give CCSI a try.  It was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

The teachers and staff at CCSI are wonderful.  They truly care about each and every one of the students.  The class sizes are small and the teachers are able to give each student individual attention.  They have the ability to modify their teaching techniques and adapt to each students’ learning abilities. 

My son is now on the honor roll for the first time in his life.  He enjoys going to school.  His self-esteem has improved immensely.  He is learning a trade and will be graduating with some college credits.  He is making plans to attend a tech school upon graduation.  CCSI has given my son a bright future.”


Kristy Atwater
Accounting Manager
St. Louis Blues

Parent of a C.C.S.I.

Alternative Ed Student

 “CCSI was our last hope for our son, and he has exceeded all of our expectations. The programs there allowed him to develop both his technical and academic skills in a positive environment.

The administration & staff at CCSI are absolutely amazing. They have the ability to adapt and interact with each student on an individual basis which brings out each student’s individual skills and maximizes their potential. Since attending CCSI we have seen him develop and mature into a very responsible young man. Not only does he have a positive future ahead of him, CCSI has made him realize how important it is to continue with his education.

We have never seen him with such a positive attitude and outlook on life. While I don’t want to exclude any teachers, we feel that the HVAC teacher Mr. Harmsen has been a key factor in his success – not only as a teacher but also as a mentor.”

Cindy Busby
Valmeyer School District

Parent of a C.C.S.I.

Alternative Ed Student

“When I attended Parent-Teacher Conferences I came away very impressed with the educators at CCSI  I knew my son was succeeding in school, and in my face-to-face meetings with his teachers my feelings were confirmed that he was in a good place.  As a teacher I was very pleased with the care and concern they have for my son, and I proudly share that with my teaching peers. 

I wish the public was more aware of the educational significance CCSI offers all students.  Stereotypes and perception cloud the true merits of what the school is accomplishing.  The importance and necessity of this program is vital in reaching all educational needs. More people need to know that their kids can be well served by the staff and programs at CCSI.”


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