Health Occupations

Kelly Jany

Phone: 618.473.2222 ext. 111

Course Description

This class is offered to students who have an interest in entering the health occupations field. The class will combine various learning techniques such as those of observation, participation, visitation, and exploration. The content of the course shall include combined classroom experiences and supervised clinical learning experiences in designated long-term care facilities and other health agencies.

The course will expose students to a survey of the many different careers in the health fields, basic medical knowledge, and a concentration of study in the area of health-care aide. 

During the course of study, the student will actually work in a long-term care facility under the supervision of the teacher and other nursing personnel.

Course Fees:

The class fee is $75.00 per year.  However, due to the Illinois Dept. of Public Health requirements, the students must also provide the following in the time frame requested by the instructor:  

Criminal Background Check-$32.00 money order
Uniforms for clinical-estimated $20-$30
State Competency Exam Fee-$65.00
Physical Exam-estimated $60.00
TB skin test - two reading estimated $10-$15 each
Gait Belt-$10-$20

Consumer Information -  Drug and Alcohol 

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