Gary Miller

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Course Description

This program is designed for students who are planning a career in industrial or production welding, farm machinery repairs, or private business. Students will be exposed to expert training in a variety of welding processes, equipment, materials, techniques, welding positions and trade terms. The student will gain extensive hands-on experience and knowledge and learn employer-employee relationships in preparation for the job market. 

The program teaches a student skills in the following areas: shielded metal arc (stick) of mild steel and stainless steel; gas metal arc (mig) of mild steel and aluminum; gas tungsten arc (tig) of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum; flux core arc (dual and self shield) of mild steel; plasma cutting, and oxy-acetylene hand and automatic cutting. The air-carbon arc gouger is also used regularly.

First-year students concentrate on flat, horizontal, 45 degree, vertical and overhead fillets on plate and pipe. Second-year students work with bevel plates in the flat, horizontal, 45 degree vertical and overhead positions with all the processes. Stainless steel and aluminum welding skills are also gained with the mig and tig processes.

Each year CCSI students compete and score very well in the state written and welding Skills USA Competition. The instructor and students are also involved in the St. Louis American Welding Society (AWS).  The students also compete in the AWS Midwest Welding Tournament and Midwest Technical Institute (MTI) welding contests.

Photo Gallery

MTI Welding Contest 2014

L-R Chuck Stache, Adam Woolford,(New Athens), Cody Homrighausen, 
(RedBud), Austin Ray,(Valmeyer), Steve Harris, (Chester), 
Jeff Wingerter,(Chester), Gary Miller. 
Five CCSI students competed at the MTI welding contest in Springfield IL, 4 of these students earned awards for placing in the top ten.  Steve Harris (Chester) placed second, and won $250, Jeff Wingerter (Chester) placed fourth, Austin Ray (Valmeyer) placed eighth,and Adam Woolford (NewAthens) placed ninth. Cody Homrighausen (RedBud) also competed for CCSI.

During the competition the students were given a blueprint to read, and use to assemble a mild steel weld project. The project consisted of  horizontal, vertical, and overhead tee-joints, bevel plates, and pipe welds with the GTAW, GMAW, and SMAW welding process's.

Adam Woolford, Steve Harris and Jeff Wingerter

Austin Ray



     MTI Welding Contest Winner 2013